Refraction of Light

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سه‌ردێر Refraction of Light
Description In this guided activity, students will investigate how light bends when it travels from one medium to another medium. They will relate the refractive index of a material to the speed of light in that material.
Subject فیزیا
ئاست High School, Middle School
Type Guided Activity, تاقیگه‌
Duration 60 خوله‌ک
Answers Included نا
زوان English
Keywords index of refraction, refraction, snell's law
شێوه‌کاریه‌کان شکانەوەی ڕووناکی (HTML5)

نووسه‌ران Ferdinand Bautista
قوتابخانه‌/ ڕێکخراو Manila Science High School
ناردراو 6/2/20
به‌ڕۆژ بوه‌ 6/2/20