Electric Field vs Electric Potential

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سه‌ردێر Electric Field vs Electric Potential
Description Designed to help students better understand the relationship between electric fields and electric potential. The activity is structured in three levels of complexity: Core, Mastery, and Scholarship. Students can therefore work at a level appropriate to their abilities and course goals.
Subject فیزیا
ئاست High School, Undergrad - Intro
Type Demonstration, Discussion Prompts, Guided Activity
Duration 60 خوله‌ک
Answers Included نا
زوان English
Keywords Electric Force, Equipotential Lines, Field Lines, Potential
شێوه‌کاریه‌کان بارگەکان و بوارەکان (HTML5), Charges and Fields

نووسه‌ران Aubry Farenholtz
قوتابخانه‌/ ڕێکخراو Walnut Grove Secondary
ناردراو 12/22/16
به‌ڕۆژ بوه‌ 12/22/16