Beer's Law Lab: Introduction to Beer's Law

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제목 Beer's Law Lab: Introduction to Beer's Law
설명 Designed for completion by high school juniors and seniors in a 30-40 minute time period, as an introduction to using a spectrometer in an environmental science course. Part 1: Investigating Absorbance and Transmittance Part 2: Beer's Law and Applying Beer's Law Instructors should consider making students turn in the completed page 1 in order to receive and progress through page 2.
주제 기타목록 구분 화학
수준 고교목록 구분 대학-하급
유형 실험
기간 30 분
정답 포함 아니요
언어 영어
키워드 Beer's Law목록 구분 Concentration목록 구분 Environmental목록 구분 Instrumental
시뮬레이션 Beer 법칙 실험

저자(들) Joel Barthel
학교/기관 MLHS
제출일 13. 2. 2
업데이트 날자 13. 2. 2