Exploring Electric Charges

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Title Exploring Electric Charges
Description This activity is designed to walk students through an exploration to with the objectives of: - Understand what types of charges are exchanged in electrostatic interactions. - Explain the process of polarization - Describe the build up of excess charge, and the release of those charges by the process of grounding. - Understand the attraction and repulsion relationships between fundamental charges
Subject Physics
Level High School, Middle School
Type Guided Activity, Lab
Duration 60 minutes
Answers Included No
Language English
Keywords attract, charge, ground, polarization, repel
Simulation(s) Balon dan listrik statis (HTML5), Hockey Medan Listik, John Travoltage / Pembangkit Listrik Statis (HTML5)

Author(s) Matt Simkins
School / Organization Pennridge High School
Date submitted 17/03/16
Date updated 18/10/18