The gas laws

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Title The gas laws
Description The gas laws. Charles (Regnault) -> p = constant Variables T -> V Gay-Lussac -> V = constant Variables T -> p Boyle(-Mariotte) -> T = constant V -> p Avogadro -> p= constant T = constant Variables N -> V
Subject Chemistry, Physics
Level High School, Middle School
Type Homework, Lab
Duration 60 minutes
Answers Included Yes
Language Engleski
Keywords Avogadro law, Boyle-(Mariotte) law, Charles (Regnault) law, Gay-Lussac law
Simulation(s) Svojstva plina (HTML5)

Author(s) Roland Van Kerschaver
School / Organization Royal Atheneum Bruges
Date submitted 2019.08.28
Date updated 2019.08.29