Writing an Equation for the Wave

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عنوان Writing an Equation for the Wave
شرح This work sheets uses the "water waves" mode and takes students through a series of activities that will enable them to write an equation that models the water wave. Students make measurements to get period, wavelength and amplitude, then compute wave number, etc. (Includes some practice problems.) Also allows students to compare phase differences at different positions within the wave.
موضوع فیزیک
سطح پیش دانشگاهی 1
نوع Guided Activity
مدت دقیقه ها 60
پاسخ ها شامل خیر
زبان انگلیسی
کلید واژه frequency، wave equation، wave number
شبیه سازی ها امواج (مقدماتی) (HTML5)

نویسنده Sean Cordry
مدرسه / سازمان Walters State Community College
ارسال شده 1/30/20
بروزرسانی شده 1/30/20