Atomic Models and Spectroscopy

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Izenburua Atomic Models and Spectroscopy
Deskribapena In this activity students work in groups to investigate models of the hydrogen atom. Several aspects of their investigation are open-ended as students make predictions that are then tested with the sim. Different Nature of Science topics are also introduced. The topic of selection rules in the quantum mechanical model is examined by considering which electronic transitions do, or do not, occur. The PhET sim is then paired with laboratory activities involving the collection and analysis of line spectra for H and He discharge lamps, and a comparison of a spectroscope with a spectrometer. Although used in an introductory undergraduate setting, it is also possible to use portions of the activity in high school or in advanced undergraduate settings.
Gaia Kimika
Maila High School (BH), Oinarrizko hezkuntza - Aurreratua, Oinarrizko hezkuntza - Sarrera
Mota Etxerako lanak, Gidatutako jarduera, Lab
Iraupena 90 minutes
Erantzunak barne Ez
Hizkuntza Ingelesa
Gako-hitzak Atomic models, Nature of Science, discharge lamp, electronic structure, emission spectra, model development, quantum mechanics, spectroscopy
Simulazioa(k) Hidrogeno-atomoaren ereduak

Autorea(k) Ted Clark
Eskola / Erakundea The Ohio State University, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Bidaltze-data 3/18/16
Eguneratze-data 3/18/16