Welcome to the

“Teach with PhET” prototype website


This prototype illustrates how a hypothetical middle-school teacher, “Ann Edwards,” could use “Teach with PhET” to organize materials for her Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric (EOS) course.

See our screen designs and how the “Teach with PhET” website will support teachers. Teachers will be able to search for materials with custom filters, organize activities and simulations, review them and share them with other teachers—worldwide.


A few caveats:

  • The pages you see are pictures, not actual html-coded pages.
  • Only a few of the headers and labels are real. Most of the text and images in the design are used as “placeholders.”
  • Not all links are active; to find active links just try clicking.
  • Not every page is represented. The prototype is designed to give an overview of the main features and user tasks only.


View the Prototype

Sims and

find relevant simulations and activities


access research-based strategies, video guides, and exemplars


see teacher recommendations and read reviews


bookmark, tag and organize your resources in “My PhET”


share ideas and learn from other teachers.