energy systems phet worksheet

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Τίτλος energy systems phet worksheet
Περιγραφή This worksheet is meant to complement the American Modeling Teacher's Association Physical Science unit on energy (their first qualitative unit on energy, compared to the later quantitative unit on energy). I use it between systems schema and energy pie charts. Before this worksheet, students collectively generate a list of types of energy, and we refine them into formal definitions. Then we do this simulation.
Θέμα Φυσική
Επίπεδο Λύκειο
Είδος Guided Activity, Εργ
Διάρκεια 60 λεπτά
Απαντήσεις που περιλαμβάνονται Όχι
Γλώσσα Αγγλικά
Λέξεις κλειδιά forms of energy, systems
Προσομοιώσεις Ενέργεια: μορφές και μετατροπές (HTML5)

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