Projectile Motion

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Tittel Projectile Motion
Beskrivelse It helps school and university students to calculate the movement of projectiles (speed, distance, angles, altitude, etc.) through this simulator, which is highly helpful to facilitate the study of physics, which is a problem for some students because it is a subject that contains lessons that need effort and methods that make it easier for the student to enjoy physics
Emne Fysik
Niveau Bachelor - fortsætter, Bachelor - intro, Gymnasium
Type Laboratorie
Svar inkluderet Nej
Sprog Engelsk
Nøgleord speed motion
Simuleringer Projektil-bevægelser

Forfattere Othman Fahmi Othman Ali
Kontakt email
Skole / organisation UOS
Dato for tilmelding 12-10-20
Dato for opdatering 12-10-20