Forces at equilibrium

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Tittel Forces at equilibrium
Beskrivelse The student will act on an object by two forces and then find their resultant using trial and error method, then the student will act by three forces and then find their resultant. the student will use analytical and graphical methods and then do comparison.
Emne Fysik
Niveau Bachelor - intro, Gymnasium
Type Fjernundervisning, Laboratorie
Varighed 120 minutter
Svar inkluderet Nej
Sprog Engelsk
Nøgleord equilibriant force, equilibrium. resultant force, forces
Simuleringer Vektor-addition (HTML5), Vektoraddition

Forfattere Nawal Nayfeh
Kontakt email
Skole / organisation University of Sharjah
Dato for tilmelding 04-06-20
Dato for opdatering 04-06-20