Discovering Beer’s Law by a Simulation-based Laboratory

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Tittel Discovering Beer’s Law by a Simulation-based Laboratory
Beskrivelse Uses the PhET Beer's Law Simulation to derive Beer's Law. Students are instructed how to use the sim including a link to a video. Students then proceed to investigate pathlength, wavelength, and concentration. Post-lab questions use data collected in the lab to see if students have grasp the concepts in the activity.
Emne Kemi
Niveau Bachelor - intro, Gymnasium
Type Fjernundervisning, Guidet aktivitet, Laboratorie
Varighed 60 minutter
Svar inkluderet Nej
Sprog Engelsk
Nøgleord Beer's Law, data analysis, linear regression, spectrophotometry
Simuleringer Beers lovlab (HTML5)

Forfattere Scott Sinex
Skole / organisation Prince George's Community College
Dato for tilmelding 04-04-20
Dato for opdatering 07-04-20