Moving Man with Position and Velocity graphs

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Tittel Moving Man with Position and Velocity graphs
Beskrivelse This is the first of two inquiry activities to teach students about motion graphs. Learning goal: Students will be able to: (1) describe how the person moved by looking at motion graphs -- or -- (2) sketch graphs when a person?s motion is described. This is very similar to Trish Loeblein's activity, but revised for 9th graders. After this lesson, they will complete another on acceleration. There is a quiz for the end of the position and velocity lesson, and there is a pre/post test to be completed after they've worked through the acceleration lesson.
Emne Fysik
Niveau Gymnasium
Type Laboratorie
Varighed 120 minutter
Svar inkluderet Nej
Sprog Engelsk
Nøgleord Graphing
Simuleringer Manden der bevæger sig

Forfattere Karen King
Kontakt email
Skole / organisation Denver School of Science and Technology
Dato for tilmelding 04-08-06
Dato for opdatering 28-04-15