Projectile Motion Lab Report

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Naslov Projectile Motion Lab Report
Opis This report is aimed to check the link between range and therefore the angle of the cannon with and without air resistance, similarly because of the maximum height. Furthermore, a projectile motion could be a two-dimensional motion within the XY-plane, which could be a combination of horizontal motion -along the x-axis- with constant velocity vx=vox and vertical motion -along the y-axis- with constant acceleration ay=-g.
Subjekt Fizika
Nivo High School (Viša škola)
Tip Domaći zad., Lab
Trajanje 60 minuta
Uključen odgovor Ne
Jezik Engleski
Ključne riječi Height, Projectile, Projectile Motion, Range, Time, Velocity
Simulacije Kretanje projektila (HTML5)

Autori: Abdullah Salehi
Škola / Organizacija University of Sharjah
Poslato 11/20/20
Obnovljeno 11/22/20