Remote Learning Molecule Shapes

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Naslov Remote Learning Molecule Shapes
Opis This activity explores the use of models to understand bond angle relationships within the “rules” of four bonding regions on a central atom. It also demonstrates the bonding patterns of real and imagined molecules. Real-world implications for product safety and chemical consideration are built into learning for all students. Additional extension activities are described for expanded independent practice (including additional exploration of pHet simulations and web-based inquiry).
Subjekt Hemija
Nivo High School (Viša škola), Osnovni studij - Uvod
Tip Discussion Prompts, Remote Learning
Trajanje 30 minuta
Uključen odgovor Ne
Jezik Engleski
Ključne riječi Bonding, molecular geometry, octet rule, safety, structure and properties of matter
Simulacije Oblici molekule: Osnove (HTML5)

Autori: Joy Barnes-Johnson
Škola / Organizacija Science Department
Poslato 5/4/20
Obnovljeno 5/9/20