Fencing Spaces: Fixed Perimeter, Changing Area

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Naslov Fencing Spaces: Fixed Perimeter, Changing Area
Opis In this Problem, the perimeter is kept fixed, and students look at how the area can vary. A goal of this Problem is to determine the largest possible area for a rectangle having a fixed perimeter and whole-number dimensions. Students continue to develop understanding of area as covering and perimeter as surrounding. They also practice using formulas for finding perimeter and area of rectangles. Students will again graph their findings in order to visualize the relationship between varying lengths and areas of rectangles with fixed perimeters.
Subjekt Matematika
Nivo K-5 (OŠ), Middle School (Srednja škola)
Tip Guided Activity
Trajanje 90 minuta
Uključen odgovor Da
Jezik Engleski
Ključne riječi Area, Dimensions, Fixed, Perimeter
Simulacije "Majstor" za površine (HTML5)

Autori: Krystle Hapner
Škola / Organizacija Casey Middle School
Poslato 6/6/18
Obnovljeno 6/6/18