Induction (college homework version) (Inquiry Based) A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Naslov Induction (college homework version) (Inquiry Based)
Opis This uses both Faraday Lab and Faraday Law simulations. The students will use the simulation to learn the goals through an inquiry approach. Learning Goals: Students will be able to: Identify equipment and conditions that produce induction; Compare and contrast how both a light bulb and voltmeter can be used to show characteristics of the induced current; Predict how the current will change when the conditions are varied; Explain practical applications of Faraday?s Law; Explain what is the cause of the induction There is also a high school version that can be used as an inclass assignment with fewer learning goals.
Subjekt Fizika
Nivo Osnovni studij - Uvod
Tip Domaći zad., Koncept pitanja
Trajanje 60 minuta
Uključen odgovor Ne
Jezik Engleski
Ključne riječi Magnetism, circuit, current, induce, phet activity
Simulacije Fаrаdejevа elektromаgnetnа lаborаtorijа, Fаrаdejev zаkon elektromаgnetne indukcije, Generator

Autori: Trish Loeblein
Škola / Organizacija PhET CU Boulder
Poslato 6/9/07
Obnovljeno 7/20/13