How to make a laser A gold star indicates high-quality, inquiry-based activities that follow the PhET design guidelines.

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Naslov How to make a laser
Opis This is a homework activity that guides students through the process of making a laser, examining the physical processes involved. It was developed to be used in a modern physics course, after lecture instruction on atomic transitions and lasers. For more details about the course, please see: This activity was used in a course where questions were constrained to being multiple choice or numeric for computer grading, so it is not as inquiry based.
Subjekt Fizika
Nivo Osnovni studij - Napredno, Osnovni studij - Uvod
Tip Domaći zad.
Uključen odgovor Ne
Jezik Engleski
Ključne riječi laser, light, phet activity, photon, radiation
Simulacije LASERI

Autori: Sam McKagan, Kathy Perkins and Carl Wieman
Škola / Organizacija University of Colorado
Poslato 7/23/06
Obnovljeno 4/20/10