Energy Chains Qızıl ulduz PhET dizayn qaydalarına əməl edən yüksək keyfiyyətli, sorğuya əsaslanan fəaliyyətləri göstərir.

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Title Energy Chains
Description Integrating PhET’s simulation and Energy Chain approach (see R.Devi, A.Tiberghien, M.Baker, P. Brna, «Modelling students' construction of energy models in physics«», 1996,, I propose a Work Sheet in order to deepen the correct vocabulary for energy (energy can be stored, can be transferred, can be conversed)
Subject Physics
Level Middle School
Type Homework, Lab, Other
Duration 60 minutes
Answers Included Yes
Language İngiliscə
Keywords energy, energy tranfers, forms of energy
Simulation(s) Energy Forms and Changes

Author(s) Nikolaos Nerantzis
School / Organization 4th Gymnasium of Stavroupoli (Thessaloniki)
Date submitted 3/31/14
Date updated 3/31/14