Molecule Polarity- Inquiry and Applications Qızıl ulduz PhET dizayn qaydalarına əməl edən yüksək keyfiyyətli, sorğuya əsaslanan fəaliyyətləri göstərir.

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Title Molecule Polarity- Inquiry and Applications
Description This was used in class or as a homework depending on the class schedule.The students worked with Build a Molecule and Molecule Shapes before this. Learning Goals: Students will be able to: •Define bond polarity and molecular polarity •Explain the relationships between bond polarity and molecular polarity •Identify tools/representations to approximate bond and molecular polarity Use these common tools to approximate and compare polarity • Use standard notation to indicate polarity •Identify the bonds between atoms as nonpolar covalent, moderately polar covalent, very polar covalent, or ionic.
Subject Chemistry
Level High School, Undergrad - Intro
Type Concept Questions, Homework, Lab
Answers Included No
Language İngiliscə
Keywords bonding, covalent, dipole, ionic, molecules, nomenclature, phet
Simulation(s) Molecule Polarity

Author(s) Trish Loeblein
School / Organization PhET
Date submitted 10/23/11
Date updated 10/23/11