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We Are Thankful…


This Thanksgiving season, we at PhET are especially thankful to have such a wonderful PhET community. We thank you for:

  • Including PhET in your lessons, lectures, labs, handouts, and homework
  • Sharing your teaching activities on PhET with other teachers around the world
  • Translating the simulations into over 70 languages
But most of all,
 Thank You for using PhET Interactive Simulations

Just in 2014, over 75,000,000 sims have been run from



Nov 25


PhET is a Bett Awards 2015 Finalist!


We are pleased to announce that PhET Interactive Simulations and the Royal Society of Chemistry have been selected as a BETT Award Finalist for the suite of six next-generation Chemistry simulations.

Wish us luck for the final selection at the BETT Show January 21-24, 2015 in London!


Nov 20


New #HTML5 Faraday’s Law Now Online!

Faraday's Law

Try the new #HTML5 Faraday’s Law simulation to learn what happens when a magnet moves through a coil. What affects the brightness of the bulb? What’s the difference between moving through big versus small coils?

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Nov 14


Want to Join the PhET Team as a K12 Simulation Designer/Specialist?

We are searching for qualified candidates who are interested in joining the PhET team as a full- or part-time “Professional Research Assistant.” We are seeking specifically educators with a background in teaching, preferably at the middle school or high school level.

With our current emphasis on building and studying simulations for middle school math and science, advancing our teacher professional development resources and support system, branching into tablet and touch-compatible simulation design, increasing the accessibility capabilities of our simulations, and advancing the use of simulations in undergraduate chemistry, responsibilities will include (but are not limited to):

1) Redesigning (as part of a 3-5 person team) existing PhET simulations, incorporating new findings on effective sim design and adapting designs for use on touch-devices. (Software programming is NOT required. PhET has a team of in-house software developers).
2) Designing new PhET simulations.
3) Conducting user-testing through interviews of students using simulations.
4) Supporting simulation design, development, and research efforts – e.g. analyzing data, supporting classroom research studies, searching for web resources, etc.
5) Helping to liaison to and support the K12 community.
6) Assisting with marketing and dissemination of PhET resources to teachers: develop and represent PhET in online teaching forums and resources; run exhibit booths at national and local conferences; assist with teacher workshops.
7) Responding to inquiries to PhET about science/math questions and new simulation ideas.

For more information and specific qualifications, see the online posting at:

Please consider applying! And, share this information with your colleagues who might be interested.



Nov 11


Learn What’s New at PhET with Our Fall Newsletter


Have you received our Fall 2014 newsletter? Read about our new “For Teachers” page, learn what’s in the pipeline, and see what conferences we’ll be attending in the coming year.

And, don’t forget, we’ve started our annual end-of-year campaign. Please help support PhET at




Nov 6


Come See Us at iNACOL: Booth #310


Going to iNACOL Blended and Online Learning Symposium Nov. 4-7, 2014 in Palm Springs, CA? Stop by our booth #310 and see the latest #HTML5 simulations and the re-vamped “For Teacher” resource at




Nov 3


Have You Seen the Newly Redesigned “For Teachers” Page?

For Teachers

We’ve made it easier to learn about how best to use PhET simulations in your instruction. All centrally located now on the “For Teachers” page, you will find a variety of useful information along with a new video: Teachers and Students Speak: An in-depth look at the PhET simulations and their uses in college and K12.

Use the “Tips” button to find videos and written resources on integrating PhET sims. Easily search for teacher-submitted activities including labs, homework assignments, lectures, activities, and concept questions with the “Browse” button. Or, if you’d like to “Share” your activities with the PhET community, learn how to contribute your own materials to our growing database.

Thanks for supporting the PhET Teacher Community.


Oct 29


Studying Forces in Physics?


Try the  HTML5 Forces and Motion: Basics simulation. Explore the forces at work in a tug of war or pushing a refrigerator, crate, or person. Choose between the Tug of War, Motion, Friction, and Acceleration tabs. Ideal for elementary, middle and high school, students will learn how forces affect the motion of an object.

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Oct 23


New Three-Day Activity for Graphing Lines


Try the latest teaching guides from PhET’s Amanda McGarry for #HTML5 Graphing Lines. These activities can be used as part of a three-day sequence or individually. The lessons are aligned with the CCSS in Mathematics and the Standards of Mathematical Practice and include complete outlines as well as annotated activity sheets.

  • Day 1: Slope allows students to make connections between the slope formula and a graphed line, and to discover how the slope formula works.
  • Day 2: Slope-Intercept has students exploring slope-intercept form of a line as they manipulate either equation or graph.
  • Day 3: Point-Slope has students exploring point-slope form of a line and testing their knowledge of graphing lines with the built-in game.

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Oct 17


Meet the 2014-15 PhET Team

PhET group photo Fall 2014

Pictured from left to right:

Back row: Emily Moore, Emily Randall, Michael Dubson, Trish Loeblein, Kathy Perkins, Oliver Nix, Oliver Orejola, Arnab Purkayastha, Steele Dalton, Stephanie Chasteen, Beth Stade

Middle row: Liam Burke, Jesse Greenberg, Kathy Dessau, Chris Malley, Sam Reid, Jonathan Olson, Bryan Yoelin, Carl Wieman, Aaron Davis, Yuen-ying Carpenter

Front row: Amy Rouinfar, Robert Parson, John Blanco, Ariel Paul, Matthew Zhang, Amanda McGarry

(Not pictured): Linda Wellmann, Karina Hensberry, Sarah McKagan, Noah Finkelstein

From the PhET Team to all of you:
 Thanks for using PhET Interactive Simulations


Oct 13