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Scheduled Maintenance: Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 5:30 PM Mountain Standard Time

We will be upgrading the PhET servers on Tuesday, November 24 at 5:30 PM Mountain Standard Time. We expect that the maintenance will last only 60 minutes. During this time, PhET ( may experience periods of unavailability. If you experience persistent issues, please e-mail the PhET Help Desk at

Thanks for your patience during our system maintenance.


Nov 24


Wonder What Kind of Research PhET Does?

PhET Research Page

Visit our Research page to see what kind of research we do around PhET simulations.



Nov 18


PhET Director at NSF’s #NSFNextGenSTEM Forum


Excited that PhET Director Kathy Perkins will be speaking today at the 2015 Next Generation STEM Learning for All Forum

Assistive Technologies for Learning: Broadening Participation in STEM
Room: Salon 2
Jenna GorlewiczEthan DanahyKathy PerkinsDonna Lange, and Richard Ladner
Technology has propelled personalized learning for students and has expanded our ability to understand and address disability-based differences in STEM education and workforce participation. Learn about innovative technologies, resources, and research discoveries that can contribute to a learner-centered climate for students with disabilities. How can these approaches become broadly integrated into next generation STEM schools?


Nov 9


Hooke’s Law is Already in Five Languages…and Growing!

Hooke's Law Translations

Our volunteer translators have been busy and Hooke’s Law (just recently published) is already available in five languages. More to come…and more HTML5 simulations coming soon, too!


Nov 5


Dept. of Ed Launches #GoOpen Campaign to Support OER!

PhET as an Open Education Resource is excited about the US Department of Education’s new #GoOpen Campaign that encourages states, districts, schools, and teachers to use openly licensed educational resources.

For more info, see:


Oct 30


New HTML5 Translation of Molarity Sim

MolarityPeruvian Spanis

We are excited to bring the first (of many) translated #HTML5 simulations. Molarity in Peruvian Spanish is now available at We along with many volunteer translators worked hard over the summer to get the translation utility ready. Look for many more #HTML5 translated sims to come!


Oct 28


New #HTML5 Hooke’s Law Sim!

Hooke's Law

In the new ‪#‎HTML5‬ Hooke’s Law simulation, students can flexibly explore relationships between applied force, spring force, spring constant, and displacement as they stretch and compress springs. They can simultaneously compare two different springs, or compare systems of springs connected in series and parallel. On the Energy screen, students can investigate force and energy plots and discover the effect of the spring constant and displacement on the potential energy stored in the spring.


Oct 21


We Are Working on Accessibility


See how we are working on making PhET sims accessible in this slideshare.


Oct 16


See How to Use the Features of Balancing Chemical Equations

BalancingEqn Video

Have you seen the video primer for Balancing Chemical Equations? See how to use the Intro and Game panels as well as how you can use the simulation to challenge your students.

BalancingEqn Video Primer


Oct 8


Have You Seen Area Builder’s Video Primer?


See Area Builder‘s video primer to learn about how you can use this sim to teach students about area and perimeter. Students can explore with rectangular and irregular shapes, discover the relationship between area and perimeter, and apply fractional knowledge as they build shapes with a given area and perimeter.


Oct 1