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See How to Use the Features of Balancing Chemical Equations

BalancingEqn Video

Have you seen the video primer for Balancing Chemical Equations? See how to use the Intro and Game panels as well as how you can use the simulation to challenge your students.

BalancingEqn Video Primer


Oct 8


Have You Seen Area Builder’s Video Primer?


See Area Builder‘s video primer to learn about how you can use this sim to teach students about area and perimeter. Students can explore with rectangular and irregular shapes, discover the relationship between area and perimeter, and apply fractional knowledge as they build shapes with a given area and perimeter.


Oct 1


Teaching Fractions?

Fraction Matcher

Try the HTML5 Fraction Matcher simulation. Under For Teachers see the video primer to learn about Fraction Matcher’s features and uses. Need an activity? Scroll down to see  the Teacher-Submitted Activities. Don’t forget that as a teacher, you’ll need to “Sign In” to access these features.


Sep 24


Need Help? Don’t Forget to Use PhET’s Teaching Resources


Teachers, as you go , check out #PhETsims teaching resources. These tips and activities can help you learn how best to use PhET in your instruction. Use the “Tips” button to find videos and written resources on integrating PhET. Easily search for teacher-submitted activities including labs, homework assignments, lectures, activities, and concept questions with the “Browse” button. Or, “Share” your activities with the PhET community.


Aug 26


Have You Seen Our New Video Primers for Teachers?

Teacher Video Primer

We’ve added new teacher video primers to many of our HTML5 sims, and will have more on the way this fall! These video primers give a visual walkthrough of the features and common uses of a sim, as well as helpful information for using the sim to its fullest.

Sign in to our website today to start taking advantage of this new teacher resource! You’ll have to complete a new short registration process (less than two minutes!) to access the many new enhanced teacher support resources, including video primers, teacher-submitted activities, and commenting on activities.


Jul 31


Free AAPT eMentoring Webinar with Trish Loeblein: Monday, July 13, 2015

Join Trish Loeblein Monday, July 13, 2015 8:00 PM EDT during a free webinar for the AAPT eMentoring program. Any one is welcome to attend. The AAPT eMentoring program is designed to connect high-school physics educators who desire additional guidance with experienced high-school physics educators. It is a free service that will enable colleagues to connect and learn regionally and nationally.

Join WebEx meeting:
Meeting number: 730 348 181
Meeting password: aapt

Note: You will be prompted to enter your name and an e-mail. You probably will not need to enter any meeting number or password, but they are provided for your reference.


Jul 10


Thanks for Choosing PhET as the Public Choice in the NSF Video Showcase

NSF Video Showcase

Thanks to all who voted!

PhET received all 3 awards in the NSF 2015 Teaching and Learning Video Showcase: Presenters’ choice, Facilitators’ choice, and Public choice.

We couldn’t have won without you!



Jun 2


Don’t Forget to Join Us to Learn About Using PhET Sims for Teaching Balancing Chemical Equations

The ability to balance chemical equations is a foundational skill in chemistry. This week Yuen-ying Carpenter, Emily Moore, and Director, Kathy Perkins will be available to discuss employing guided-inquiry activities along with PhET simulations to teach students skills in balancing chemical equations. Please join the discussion at

Using an Interactive Simulation to Support Development of Expert Practices for Balancing Chemical Equations


May 18


Honoring Our Own PhET K12 Specialist: Teacher Trish Loeblein


Congratulations to Conifer Chemistry Teacher and PhET K12 Specialist, Trish Loeblein, on her retirement from teaching!

Trish has been a dedicated teacher for over 30 years, and a member of the PhET team for the last 10, helping design over 50 simulations and contributing over 130 guided-inquiry-based activities along with many teacher resources! Her activities are the most popular in our database with more than 900,000 downloads in the past year. In addition, she has run numerous teacher workshops and webinars, both locally and nationally. Over her many years of teaching, Trish has touched thousands of students focusing on their learning, specifically understanding and learning to think, NOT just memorization.

Thanks Trish for inspiring a generation of students! And while the students will certainly miss you in the classroom, we are excited that you will continue to work part-time with PhET! #ThankaTeacher


May 6


Learn How to Guide Exploration with PhET Sims

Facilitating Acivities

Now at our For Teachers site, we’ve added tips on how to productively guide a student’s exploration with PhET Sims. See the latest video Facilitating Activities with PhET: An Overview, and download support materials including:

Effective Facilitation of Activities in Elementary and Middle School. A detailed overview of facilitation strategies to help students work effectively on activities using PhET simulations.

PhET’s Reflection Rubric. A rubric for teachers to reflect on the success of an activity using PhET simulations in K12.


Mar 24