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Have You Seen the Spring Newsletter?

Spring2015 Newsletter

Have you seen our Spring 2015 newsletter? We’re looking for inspirational stories on how PhET has affected you, or your students. Share them with us here. And, learn about new websites improvements that we’ll be rolling out over the summer.


May 22


Learn What’s New at PhET with Our Fall Newsletter


Have you received our Fall 2014 newsletter? Read about our new “For Teachers” page, learn what’s in the pipeline, and see what conferences we’ll be attending in the coming year.

And, don’t forget, we’ve started our annual end-of-year campaign. Please help support PhET at




Nov 6


Fuel PhET’s Summer Work with Our End-of-School Campaign


Over the 2013-14 school year, we were able to redesign and publish 16 new HTML5 versions of our simulations. And, even though school’s ending, PhET will be hard at work during the summer.

So please donate today and keep this important work on track. Together, we can make the draft version of Circuit Construction Kit a reality, and bring the many other simulations to HTML5 compatibility along with a more modern look and feel.


Jun 2


Learn the Latest News from PhET’s Spring 2014 Newsletter

Screenshot of the December 2013 PhET newsletter

Have you received our Spring 2014 newsletter?

And, don’t forget to fuel our summer work with an end-of-school campaign. We’ll be working hard over the summer to bring even more HTML5 simulations:


May 27


December Newsletter: More Info on the “Teach with PhET” Site

Screenshot of the December 2013 PhET newsletter

Have you received our December 2013 newsletter?

Learn more about the new “Teach with PhET” site, see our new logo and see more on our HTML5 simulations.

Don’t forget PhET this holiday season. Donate to PhET’s Crowdfunding Campaigns:


Dec 20


PhET Featured in the SPIE Newsroom



Thank you SPIE for featuring PhET in the SPIE Newsroom. In the video, see Director, Kathy Perkins, speak about how PhET’s science simulations facilitate STEM education and develop problem-solving skills.


Nov 18


May Newsletter: PhET Working on Two Big Initiatives

Screenshot of the May 2013 PhET newsletter

Have you received our May 2013 newsletter? Learn about two big initiatives that we’re working on over the summer: a new “Teach with PhET” companion website designed for teachers and other education professionals, and the development of the next-generation of PhET simulations.

Join us and support PhET. Your dollars will go directly to helping with these important improvements. Donate to PhET’s End-of-School Campaign today.

Didn’t receive the newsletter? Sign up at our website.


May 21


December Newsletter: Be One of the First to Experience our Sims on Tablets

Screenshot of the December 2012 PhET newsletter

Have you received our December 2012 newsletter?

Find links to prototypes of Masses & Springs, Energy Skate Park, Build an Atom, Concentration and Faraday’s Electromagnetic Lab in HTML 5. We’re excited to be offering a sneak peek at our progress. Have fun!

If you didn’t receive the newsletter in your e-mail and want future newsletters, sign up at our website.

Don’t forget PhET this holiday season. Donate to PhET’s Annual Campaign today.
Now through the secure Network for Good.


Dec 15


10th Anniversary Newsletter with an Interview of Founder and Nobel Laureate, Carl Wieman

Screenshot of the October 2012 PhET newsletter

Have you seen our special 10th Anniversary October 2012 newsletter?

In it, you’ll find all the latest news on new simulations, upcoming events and what’s to come, along with a special interview of Founder and Nobel Laureate, Carl Wieman. Read about how and why he started PhET.

If you didn’t receive it in your e-mail and want future newsletters, sign up at our website.


Oct 29


Don’t Forget to Sign Up for Our Newsletter

We are busy working on our 10th Anniversary Newsletter. So if you’re not already signed up, please be sure to sign up at:


Sep 10