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New HTML5 Trig Tour Sim

Trig Tour

We are excited to have just published the new HTML5 Trig Tour Sim. Take a tour of trigonometry using degrees or radians! Look for patterns in the values and on the graph when you change the value of theta. Compare the graphs of sine, cosine, and tangent.


Feb 8


Tackling Faraday’s Law in E&M Soon?


Tackling Faraday’s Law soon? Try the HTML5‬ Faraday’s Law sim, now translated into over 18 languages.


Feb 5


Have Some Winter Indoor Fun with Static Electricity


Stuck indoors? Have some fun with Balloons and Static Electricity. Rub the balloon on the sweater and see what happens.



Jan 29


PhET is an Open Source Project!

Did you know as an project all of our code is on ?


Jan 21


New HTML5 Bending Light Sim!


Play with the new HTML5 Bending Light sim and explore how light bends when it encounters an interface of two different indices of refraction. See how changing from air to water to glass changes the bending angle. Play with prisms of different shapes and make rainbows.



Dec 23


New HTML5 Arithmetic Sim


We are excited to have the HTML5 version of Arithmetic. Learn multiplication, division and factoring with this new sim!



Dec 18


Donate Today to PhET’s Annual Giving Campaign and Help Bring More Sims to HTML5


Dear PhET Friends, Users and Supporters,

A big ‘Thank You!’ to all of you who have already supported PhET during our registration process!

If you considered donating, but haven’t gotten to it yet, there’s still time! Remember, we rely on donations from people like you. Your donation will go to building more HTML5 sims. Every dollar really does help! So please pitch in and keep PhET free for millions of learners around the world.

Suggested donation amounts are:

  • $15 (if you use 1-4 sims)
  • $25 (if you use 5-14 sims)
  • $50+ (if you use 15 or more sims)

Make your gift today:

Or, if you’d like to donate specifically to bring Circuit Construction Kit to HTML5, donate here:

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Your PhET Team,
Dr. Kathy Perkins, Director and Dr. Kathy Dessau, Assistant Director
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Dec 15


Feeling Off Balance?

Balancing Act

Feeling off balance this holiday season? Try putting some balance back into life with the Balancing Act sim and teach about force, torque and rotation.


Dec 8


Hooke’s Law is Already in Five Languages…and Growing!

Hooke's Law Translations

Our volunteer translators have been busy and Hooke’s Law (just recently published) is already available in five languages. More to come…and more HTML5 simulations coming soon, too!


Nov 5


Dept. of Ed Launches #GoOpen Campaign to Support OER!

PhET as an Open Education Resource is excited about the US Department of Education’s new #GoOpen Campaign that encourages states, districts, schools, and teachers to use openly licensed educational resources.

For more info, see:


Oct 30