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Learn What Goes Into the Creation of a PhET Simulation


Ever wonder how a new simulation is created? In this new video PhET: Research and Development, you can see what’s behind the development of a PhET simulation and how we use research to enhance learning. Learn how we choose what topic to address, all the way through to how we test our simulations.


Mar 27


Learn How and Why Carl Wieman Started PhET

The Founding of PhET

In our new video, Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman explains how and why he started PhET.


Feb 20


See PhET On EPISD Digital Discoveries

See Our Video on How to Use PhET Sims in Lectures

Using PhET in Lecture: Going Beyond Demos

Have you seen our latest video Using PhET in Lecture: Going Beyond Demos?

See how to use PhET simulations in powerful ways that engage a whole class in a large lecture setting. See examples of how you can incorporate clickers and other instructional techniques to deliver engaging interactive lecture demonstrations that will make maximum impact on student learning.


Jan 23


Join Carl Wieman: Support PhET with a Donation Today

Carl's Video

In our new video, Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman explains why he donated his Nobel prize money to PhET and why it’s important for our community to continue to support PhET.

Consider donating to PhET this holiday season – now through Network for Good to support both anonymous and recurring donation options.

Donate Today!


Dec 21


Free PhET Webinar: Tuesday, Nov. 13th at 7 PM PST

Teachers, join us for a free webinar on how to make the most of PhET simulations. Sponsored by Oregon Virtual School District, the webinar is free and open to everyone.

Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Time: 7 pm, Pacific Standard Time
Meeting Number: 926 149 315

For more information or to join the online meeting, go to

Help keep new webinars coming: Donate to PhET’s Annual Campaign today.


Nov 6


An Interview with Dr. Kathy Perkins on the Social Innovation Conversations Channel

Listen to our Director, Dr. Kathy Perkins, speak with host Sheela Sethuraman on Social Innovation Conversations. Social Innovations Conversations is part of The Center for Social Innovations, a department at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, that educates leaders to solve the world’s toughest social and environmental issues.


Oct 11


PhET on Colorado Public Radio

Did you get to listen to PhET on Colorado Public Radio today? If not, listen to how PhET is used in a Colorado Classroom at|Science_in_Colorado_Classrooms_Big_Bang_or_Black_Hole_Part_1_Build_An_Atom


Oct 4


Learning Through Simulations Webinar

On Sept. 17th, Trish Loeblein, PhET K-12 Specialist, participated in a webinar, Learning Through Simulations, that discussed how simulations are used in industry and government, and how schools can use simulations to develop “better employees”. On the CoLearning Network page, scroll down to Previous Webinars to:

9-17-12: Learning Through Simulations
Mike Vaughan, whose company designs complex, extended simulations for companies and organizations, discusses the power of simulations to support “value-skills” learning (decision-making, solving complex problems, and collaboration) through safely real experiences that enable learners to think creatively, collaboratively, and critically.


Oct 3


Attend a PhET Workshop in Westminster, CO on October 19th

PhET K-12 Specialist, Trish Loeblein, along with PhET chemists Julia Chamberlain and Emily Moore, will be holding a workshop at the Rocky Mountain Regional ACS Meeting High School Program. The workshop for high school chemistry teachers will be at the Westin on Friday, October 19th from 10 AM to 12 PM. Registration and information is at .

Using PhET Simulations for High School Chemistry: Free research-based resources on the web

PhET has developed 38 simulations (sims) in chemistry, free at PhET sims provide interactive environments for students to learn through scientist-like exploration, making the invisible visible and emphasizing connections between real life phenomena and the underlying science. Participants will discuss how to use PhET chemistry sims to enhance student learning and engagement, and will learn where to find hundreds of editable activities online to use with sims in all science disciplines.


Sep 27