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PhET in Kazakhstan! Thank You Bilim Media Group

6A682C04-D1AF-461F-AB7C-2D7D3A56AD4BThank you Bilim Media Group and Effective Communication Strategies for your support of PhET. They are helping to put PhET simulations into the hands of Kazakhstan students. And with their generous donation to our HTML5 fund, they are helping to bring more tablet simulations to everyone!


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Mar 3


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  1. Hello Phet,

    It seems that you missed the word “of” in the second sentence of your Thank message to Bilim Media Group and effective Communication Strategies.

    Also, the link to the website of Bilim Media Group is wrong. Would you please link it to

    Thanks you in advance.

    • Hi Sanzhar,
      We’ve updated the link and added the correction.
      Thanks for your support!

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