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How Do You Use PhET?

During our survey, we asked out teachers how they used PhET. One of the comments was:

“PhET allows me to individualize the pace for my students since they can complete the simulations at their own pace and on any computer, at school, the library, or even at home. The simulations also allow me to address different learning styles, particularly visual and kinesthetic modalities, which can be challenging to accommodate in the science classroom. I feel like the PhET simulations and the accompanying activities make me a more effective and responsive teacher.”

How do you use PhET?

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Feb 11


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  1. Pieter Kuiper #

    I am often running Phet simulations on Smartboard. Yesterday it was the interference simulation. In many ways it is clearer than the ripple tank (which I will show). This one shows interference of water waves, of sound and of light in a unified way. I can add a detector with an “oscilloscope”, I can add slits, it is amazing. To much to demonstrate, so I encourage my students to try the simulation at home.

  2. Mary #

    hey guys-
    Chemistry teacher from Tennessee here. My kids had a great day with the iPads and the build an atom simulation. I’ve been using these since I was in college for physics and I first started integrating them in my own classroom by displaying them on my smart board. Now that my school has (one) class set of iPads, I was excited to finally get them in the kids hands. At my school I need to have a few varieties of quality strategies that support my instruction and student learning. One of these strategies are phet sims. I am a huge picture person, and I think that in particular, from what I have seen in my students interactions with the simulations, chemistry concepts can often be simplified and even realized through visualization, then manipulation.
    ……now I just need the rest of the chemistry sims to be released as browser supported….
    Just kidding I am patient, thanks for your work.

    • Thanks Mary for sharing! It is great to hear how our teachers are using the sims. We are working hard on bringing more HTML5 sims!

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