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Want to Join the PhET Team?

We are searching for qualified candidates who are interested in joining the PhET team as a full- or part-time Professional Research Assistant.

With our current emphasis on building and studying simulations for middle school math and science, advancing our teacher professional development resources and support system, branching into tablet and touch-compatible simulation design, and advancing the use of simulations in undergraduate chemistry, responsibilities will include (but are not limited to):

1) Redesigning existing simulations, incorporating new findings on effective sim design and adapting designs for use on touch-devices. (Software programming is NOT required. PhET has a team of in-house software developers).
2) Designing new simulations
3) Supporting simulation design, development, and research efforts – e.g. analyzing data, supporting classroom research studies, searching for web resources, etc.
5) Helping to liaison to and support the K12 community.

For more information and specific qualifications, see the online posting at:

Please consider applying! And, share this information with your colleagues who might be interested.


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Oct 31


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  1. Rakesh Kumar #

    I am a science education enthusiast with Ph.D. in the area of Computer Assisted Learning from University of Delhi, India and working here in India as Assistant Professor in University of Delhi, India on temporary basis. Want to join your team. I am open as both part time (with residence and full time job in India) and joining you there. I have been waiting for last three years to find an opportunity to work with you. I fulfil all the requirements that you have posted including the experience of teaching in schools also. However, in India we do not have k12 type of settings. They are somewhat different. Do you recommend me to apply for joining you? What do you prefer – my working form India as a part-timer or full time with physical presence there?

    • Thanks for your enthusiasm regarding PhET!

      Because we are part of the University of Colorado (a state government agency) the only way that we can hire people is through the official job postings.

      Good luck and thanks for inquiring!

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