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Meet PhET Team Member: Bryce Gruneich


After teaching middle school science for three years, Bryce is excited about joining PhET as sim designer and IRB coordinator. During his time in the classroom Bryce used PhET sims including Radioactive Dating Game and Projectile Motion in his inquiry science units. After using PhET extensively in his teaching, Bryce is looking forward to designing new sims to engage students in topics like Geology and Astronomy.

Bryce is from Iowa, where he studied science education at the University of Iowa. He moved to Boulder in 2008 to study education and received his MA in Curriculum and Instruction from CU in 2010. Communicating science and advocating for science literacy are Bryce’s passions. In his free time, he likes to play ultimate (frisbee not fighting), soccer and board games as well as to cook and eat good food.

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Oct 23


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