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PhET in the Philippines

PhET Simulations are used not only in the United States, but also around the world. Rollan Inis from the Tagum City National High School in Tagum City, Philippines writes that Philippine teachers from remote “barangays” will be using the offline installation of PhET to “teach science in a very interesting manner.” In addition, PhET was used at a Grade 8 teacher training program held by the Department of Education.

Thanks Rollan for spreading the word on how PhET can enhance science and math learning in schools around the world.

Do you have a story on how PhET sims are being used? Please e-mail Kathy at

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Jun 21


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  1. paulo #

    congratulations kuya rolan.

    • Rollan #

      Salamat Pau! Diba gumagamit ka ng PhET Sims in your classes and even participated in the P2PU Course in PhET through Webinar? Why not conduct tayo ng teacher training dyan sa Gen San and nearby provinces on how to utilize PhET SIMS?

  2. abbey #

    So proud of a Filipino who try to make a difference in a countr y where resources are rare and giving education is a challenge.

  3. ritz #

    Mr. Inis was my teacher! 😀
    I could still remember when he first introduced this website to our class.
    I wish there would be more teachers/instructors like him in our country.

  4. Rollan #

    My Infinite Thanks PhET Team for sharing to the world our stories here in the Philippines in utilizing your wonderful and helpful works in making science and mathematics education an enjoyable and relevant experience for our students and teachers. Rest assured that I will continue spreading PhET Simulations to Filipinos in any way that I could. God Bless PhET Team!!!

  5. what a nice post. May god bless PHET team. thanks for sharing this wonderful story. various resources are provide in this blog.
    great job.

  6. Congratulations! Great job.

  7. Congratulations! Great job. May god bless PHET team.

    visit my blog

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