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Update on Java: Oracle Releases New Java Update 13 for Version 7

If you’re running Java 7, we strongly encourage you update to Java Update 13 (build 1.7.0_13-b20). This latest Java release includes critical security patches and makes running Java in the browser more safe.

Get the upgrade here:

And if you’d like to learn more about the update, read about it here:

Note to Mac Users: to run our 3D simulations, Molecule Shapes or Plate Tectonics, you will still have to downgrade to Java 6 as described in our previous blog.

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  1. I hate Java 7. As soon as I upgraded to it, a number of great simulations in my collection stopped running. Look at this one, which is a survivor:
    You should be able to use it no matter what Java you have. Now, if you like it, look at this version of the same simulation which is even better:
    Well, if you only see this error message “Error. Click for details” instead of the applet, then you have Java 7. I it works fine, then you have an older version.
    I hope, PhET can save ideas packed in old sims like this one and give them a chance to resurrect in new sims that are supported by new versions of Java (or whatever).

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