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Help PhET by Participating in Our Survey…

Dear Fellow Educators, Administrators, Education Resource Providers,

We need your help!

To help us secure future funding to advance our work and keep PhET free, and to make the site as useful as possible for you, we need to know more about how, where, and why you use PhET in your teaching, and how you see the simulations influencing your students’ learning. We also want your input on future directions for the PhET project.

We are seeking very broad representation, so please forward this invitation to any educators you know.

If you are …

K12 Teacher who teaches with PhET:

College Faculty who teaches with PhET:

Use PhET in your education work or product (but not in teaching K12 or college):

Familiar with PhET, but do NOT USE PhET in your work:

If any of these links don’t work, go here:
Or copy and paste one of the URLs above into your internet browser.

Your participation is entirely voluntary, and your individual responses to this survey will be confidential. If you would like your institution to appear on a list or map of PhET users, you will have an opportunity to provide permission.

The survey results will be compiled to help improve PhET. Only aggregated results or anonymous statements will be used in any publications or reports, be disseminated on our website, or used in presentations to funders, educators, or researchers.

Thank you for your time and feedback!

Your PhET Team,
Kathy Perkins, Kathy Dessau, Noah Podolefsky, Mike Dubson, Robert Parson, Trish Loeblein, Noah Finkelstein, Emily Moore, Ariel Paul, Julia Chamberlain, Karina Hensberry, John Blanco, Jon Olson, Chris Malley, Sam Reid, Sam McKagan, Danny Rehn, Jesse Garrison, Linda Wellmann, and Oliver Nix

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Nov 9


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  1. Tom moul #

    I was more than half way thru the survey and was booted out. I hope u got what I had done. I’m a physics teacher in Pittsburgh and I am a big phet user and supporter.

  2. Keith Tipton #

    Minimum 10 dollars to contribute? Why not less?

    • We can only process gifts of $10 or more. It is the cost of the processing, etc that make this a minimum amount.

      Thanks for the input.

  3. Craciun Teodora Iulia #

    My name is Craciun Teodora and I am interested to use your Blackbody Simulation application.
    Could you give me an email address for more information.

    Thank you.

    Teodora Craciun

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