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New Simulation: Under Pressure

Under Pressure

We’re excited to publish another new simulation, Under Pressure, where you can explore pressure under and above water. See how pressure changes as you change fluids, gravity, container shapes, and volume.

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Jun 4


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  1. Could you add more pipes with differents sizes? Would be great to combine two or more pipes at a time to see how it affects. Great simulator!

    • Try the other new sim that we just blogged about: Fluid Pressure and Flow. You can reshape pipes in this one.

  2. I really like this simulator. I recently finished my diving course and it was very nice to test what I learned about pressure under water with your simulator. Nice job!

  3. I agree with Ben, really loved the simulator and showed it to a couple of divers I know. Top stuff!

    • Thanks. Nice to know that people are truly using the sims to apply to practical situations.

  4. Thank PhET Team,

    Great simulator helpful to unerstood


  5. Gisele #

    This looks wonderful and advance but i wish the post was little more descriptive
    Appreciation from –

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