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Archived PhET Webinar

Did you miss our webinar on November 15th?

Using PhET Simulations for Science and Mathematics Inquiry
Trish Loeblein, PhET K12 Specialist and Evergreen HS Teacher
Noah Podolefsky, Research Associate

The archived webinar is posted at The Middle School Portal 2: Math and Science Pathways project website.

In this webinar, we
1. focused on the middle level learner;
2. explored mathematics and science simulations such as Energy Skate Park, Equation Grapher, Estimation, Arithmetic, Density, Circuit Construction Kit, and Build an Atom;
3. investigated productive ways to incorporate PhET sims in your curriculum; and
4. learned about how to access lesson plans that PhET team members and other teachers have used and submitted to our Teaching Ideas database.

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  1. Highly recommend this webinar for those in teaching field..i would like to share this to my friends that is alsoi this field.

  2. I had the opportunity to attend this webinar and recommend it. Thank you!

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