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Welcome New Team Members to PhET!

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We’re excited to welcome Ariel Paul, Emily Moore, Julia Chamberlain and Oliver Nix to Team PhET. Research Associate Ariel’s expertise is in physics while Emily and Julia add chemistry expertise. Oliver Nix is our Project Coordinator and the person behind

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Sep 26


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  1. Nice pic…

  2. Well there are eight women and eleven men is almost parity, not between physical and chemical, ha, ha, just kidding.

  3. Love your research on physical phenomena!

  4. Well, Love your research on physical phenomena!

  5. excelente.En mi epoca de estudiante en la facultad de biologia no teniamos tanta informacion

  6. I am very sorry but I can´t donate to PhET´s simulations. However, I use them a lot of times in my classes. I´m a teacher in Portugal (Physics & Chemistry) but the schools doesn´t have money not even to get the school in a temperature to work well. Today the temperature inside school was about 7ºC.
    As a teacher I can´t help ether.
    But you guys are doing a great job
    Best wishes

  7. Excelent!! your Interactive Science Simulations is the best way to teach science to the kids. Thank you

  8. The simulation is a good way to lear about physics, biology, and chemestry. Thanks regards from mexico

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