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Register for iNACOL Webinar with PhET Director, Kathy Perkins, and K12 Specialist, Trish Loeblein

Register now for a an iNACOL Teacher Talk webinar on September 15 at 6 PM ET. Here’s some information on what we’re going to cover:

Using PhET Simulations for Science Inquiry: Free, researched, web-based resources
Trish Loeblein, PhET K12 Specialist and Evergreen HS Teacher
Kathy Perkins, Director, PhET Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado

Engage your students in STEM learning with free simulations. The 102 sims are animated, interactive, game-like environments which engage students in active thinking, encourage experimentation, and help develop visual and conceptual models of physical phenomena. This session will introduce the sims and the research that informs their design and use. Session participants will exchange ideas for using PhET sims with their online learning environment.

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