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Aug 9


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  1. lutfi #

    dear phet team
    I hope that you can make a simulation for chemical reaction contains
    1- atomic structure for some representative elements like H ,Li, Na, Mg ,Al, C,
    Si ,P , N , O ,S ,F ,Cl, ,and Br ; and some noble gases He , Ar,and Ne
    2- how dose all of the elements seeking to reach to the stable state same as noble gases ( which is full of electrons last energy level ) through interacting with each other
    first ionic bond (one atom lose electrons and the other one gain these
    electrons )
    second covalent bond (two atoms share a certain number of electrons to reach to the stable state
    3- game
    and then we can make a simulation for balancing chemical reaction by using
    the expected charge during interaction .
    thanks a lot

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